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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Lafayette! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Lafayette, LA. Our company has a vibrant history of helping people in the locals about their wildlife issues and entrepreneurship. With the recent rise of wildlife activities in the locals, we have been receiving an increased number of requests not only from the homeowners but also from business establishments. At our company, we believe that there is a better way to exclude animals from our properties. We understand that the sudden rise in the wildlife presence in the community is due to human activity and the decreasing area of natural animal habitats. By providing our customers access to the humane removal and exclusion method, we can guarantee that the animal will have a high chance of surviving. We have established a partnership with some local wildlife rescue centers. Rest assured that the animal’s safety and welfare will be safeguarded before we release them back in the wild. Every member of our staff can contribute and bring a level of experience and expertise that is valuable to the growth and development of the company. Here at our wildlife control company, we aim to serve the people while ensuring that the balance in our ecosystem will remain. The degree of the service that we can offer will depend upon the needs and preferences of our customers. Call us now at 337-806-8098 for your Lafayette wildlife control needs.

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Lafayette Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Will the Rice or Alka-Seltzer Actually Kill Louisiana Pigeons?

There are certain types of Lafayette birds such as seagulls and pigeons that have grown dependent to human to survive. The pigeons have understood how easy it would be to forage for their own food if they live closely to human. In addition, some people in the urban setting will even throw them free foods occasionally. They will establish their nest in the human structure that will give them an easy access to foods. However, it also exposes you to certain health risks. Pigeons are known to carry at least 60 types of zoonotic diseases that can be transferred to humans. 

Why Rice and Alka-Seltzer Will Not Kill the Pigeons

Aside from the diseases that can be transmitted to Louisiana pets and humans, they can also cause property damages, which is why they are referred to as nuisance creatures. They also have an outstanding ability to multiply that tremendously increased their population in the city. We have to find effective ways to control their population. Using rice and Alka-setzer to deter their infestation is a method that is being used by some people. However, let us analyze if they will be effective.

Rice Will not Kill Lafayette Pigeons

One of the common myths about pigeon control is that feeding them with rice will eventually lead to their death. According to the theory, once the rice has been exposed to the liquid, it will gradually expand. This is why most people will use the dry rice and hope that the desired result will be achieved. According to some, once the rice expands, the stomach of the pigeon will expand and the poor bird will expand. Unfortunately this is nothing but a misconception. Heat plays a key role in the expansion of the rice. According to science, the body of the pigeon will not be able to produce the level of heat required to expand the rice. In addition, the pigeons also have the capacity to regurgitate the things that they eat. This means that feeding them with rice will not be effective in controlling their population.

How About Alka-Seltzer?

Another usual belief is that Alka-seltzer has the ability to kill the poor Louisiana bird. The theory behind this is quite similar with the use of the rice. Once the alka-seltzer cause a reaction with the liquid, it will lead to a chemical reaction that will produce a substantial amount of gas. The stomach of the pigeon will expand and will then burst. However, compared to the other wild creatures that do not have the ability to pass gas, the pigeons can actually burp. This means that you won’t be successful in eliminating the nuisance creature if you are using alka-seltzer.

With regards to the Lafayette pigeon control, there are more effective ways on how you can deter their infestation. Nonetheless, some of the method may be illegal which is why we often recommend our readers to seek the assistance of the pigeon specialists. Aside from being familiar with the local legislations that protect the wildlife creatures, they also carry licenses and permits that allow them to conduct the control method.