The Best Baits You Can Use to Catch Lafayette Armadillos

Using Lafayette bait to trap the armadillo is somehow optional. There are those who reported that the bait that they used helped them in capturing the nuisance creature. However, there are also those who claimed that the bait only attracted the attention of other animals. Since 90% of the armadillo’s natural diet is comprised of insects and larva, choosing the best bait can be a challenge.

List of Baits That You May Use to Trap the Armadillo

Armadillos are considered habitual Louisiana creatures and you don’t necessarily need a bait to capture them. Nonetheless, you may still want to pay attention on the behavior of the animals in your garden. Apart from the right set of baits, we will also provide you some technique that you should use when capturing them.

The Best Baits

With regards to the foods, the Louisiana armadillo’s attention will be drawn by invertebrates and insects that are found deep in the ground. Since the armadillo will forage food by digging on the ground, most experts will not use bait when trapping them. The bait that they will use will attract other creatures such as opossums, squirrels, and raccoons. Nevertheless, there are wildlife removal experts who will choose the bait based on the preference of the creature. Here are some of the baits that you may use.

  • Spoiled meat
  • Rotten fruits
  • Maggots
  • Meal worms
  • Grubs

  • Baiting Tips

    When choosing a place to set the trap, you need to look for a leveled surface. This will minimize the probability that the trap will be knocked over. You can also place a heavy object on top of the trap such as cinder blocks or bricks to improve its stability. On the off chance that you notice that your trap has been capturing different animals apart from the armadillo, try to ditch the bait and pay attention to the proper placement of the trap. Strategic placement of the trap is perhaps the most crucial part of this procedure. 

    Avoid transferring your scent on the cage trap. While the Louisiana armadillo may have poor eyesight, they have a very sensitive nose that can trace even the smallest amount of human scent. They will never interact on a trap that has a human scent. Wear gloves when setting the trap and the bait. You should also think about the position of the bait. The distance between the door trap and the bait should be sufficient enough to fit the whole body of the armadillo. 

    The right type of Lafayette bait that you should use will depend upon the availability of the food and the season. Since the armadillo prefer to dig their own food, there are instances that you may not need to add bait on your trap; you only need to consider the placement of the bait. If you have attempted everything you can but you still can’t get rid of the armadillo infesting your yard, there are wildlife removal specialists who will be ready to tackle the complex work. 

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