Will the Local Lafayette Animal Services Help You With Your Squirrel Problem?

The Lafayette animal service is an agency that is intended to protect the health and promote the safety of the animals in the community. Unfortunately, they will only be responsible in providing assistance to the issues surrounding the domesticated animals such as stray pets, barking dogs, pet care, etc. They may have a sub-agency such as Animal Control that will only deal with the dangerous stray animals that can pose a threat to the safety of the community.

Who Can Help Me with My Squirrel Infestation

In the past, the Louisiana local animal services are still helping you deal with nuisance creatures such as squirrels. Unfortunately, due to the fact that ‘animal service’ is such a broad aspect, they were not able to handle the influx of calls that they received from the public. In order to concentrate their efforts on a particular subject, they decided to focus on providing relief to the domesticated animals. If you have problems on stray dogs, abused pets, pets that should be neutered or vaccinated, they will gladly answer your call. However for squirrel activities, there are different agencies that can help you.

Lafayette Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

In the event that you encountered a sick, injured, or an orphaned Louisiana squirrel, you should call a wildlife rehabilitator. This organization is designed to nurse the creature back to its former state before they will release them in the wild. They will not be taming the creature; instead, their ultimate goal is to release the creature back into the wild. In order to achieve this, the interaction between the squirrels and the humans are kept at a minimum level. For the young squirrels, they will be raised in pairs in order to maintain their wild habit. 

For the squirrels that are severely sick or gravely injured, they will either be euthanized or they will be kept in captivity. Euthanasia will be performed since they are required to end the suffering of the squirrels. Those that will be kept in captivity can act as a surrogate mother to the squirrel. They can also be used when providing education to the public.

Wildlife Removal Companies

The Louisiana wildlife removal companies are designed to address the wildlife invasion and infestation. If there is a squirrel that is wreaking havoc in your attic, you need to call the help of the wildlife removal experts. They will start by assessing the severity of the infestation. They have the knowledge to determine the root cause of the infestation. They can offer a range of services that will ultimately deal with your wildlife issue. 

Apart from the removal, they can also perform the releasing of the Lafayette squirrels. Unlike the wildlife rehabilitators that will release the squirrels in the wild, the wildlife removal companies will often have a partnership with a private company. This enables them to find a location that is suitable for the squirrels. Releasing the squirrel to an unfamiliar territory can only lead to its demise. In addition, they can also perform decontamination in case the squirrels in your property pose a threat to your health and safety.

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