Why You Should Never Use Louisiana Rat Poison - Learn the Risks and Damages!

There are different Lafayette rat poisons that are advertised in the market today. The manufacturers claim that this is an effective way to get rid of the mouse infestation in your house. However, those who use this should be prepared to face dangerous repercussions. Rat poisons will not be effective in giving you a long-term solution. Aside from that, there are many reasons why one should not consider using poison to get rid of the rat infestation.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Poison

Homeowners are advised to stay away from chemical solutions when eliminating the Louisiana rats due to an array of reasons. Read this article and you will understand why most experts will advise you to choose the other methods.

Unintentional Victim

The Louisiana rat poison may put your children and pets in danger. For those who are using pellets, they may look like candy and end up in the hand of your kids. Poisons are considered indiscriminate killer. You can’t predict which animal will ingest the poison. The color and the shape of the pellet can easily capture the interest of your pets. The cat can also accidentally eat the poisoned rat that can expose them to secondary poisoning. 

Detrimental to Your Lafayette Environment

The poison that it releases will not only affect the rat, it also has an adverse effect to our environment. If a predator eats an infected rat, the predator will suffer a slow and painful death. It will take days, sometimes week before the rat will die. This means that there are plenty of opportunities that the predator will attack them. Even if the poison will not be potent to kill them, the creature will experience drowsiness which will make them a possible target of road kill. The poisons in the soil can continuously release chemicals that will affect the condition of your soil. 

It Will Not Solve Your Issue

The rodenticide will not help you solve your Louisiana rat infestation issue. Even if the rats have been killed, it will only take a matter of days before another rat will replace them if you do not target the root cause of your rat problem. In addition, the poisoned rats will leave their den and die in the concealed area of your home which makes it difficult to dispose their decaying carcass. No one wants to stay in a house with the scent of the decaying flesh.

Inhumane Killing Method

Poisons contain anti-coagulant compound that interrupts the clotting of the blood. This will not only lead to profuse bleeding, the immune system of the animal that experience secondary poisoning will be suppressed. This will make them susceptible to a range of diseases such as mange.

These are just some of the reasons why Lafayette experts will not recommend the use of the poisons. You should not expose your kids and pets to risks while dealing with your rat infestation. Call the service of the wildlife specialist to know more about the better option.

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